Yoga of Kashmir here stands for the teachings of Eric Baret, transmitted directly to Ana as received from his teacher, Jean Klein. 

Coming from the principle that our true nature is blissful and silent, this yoga is an invitation to availability, there’s absolutely nothing  to be done to realize what we already are, nowhere to go, nothing to achieve. All manifestations have their origin in this silence and tend to unfold and be reabsorbed in their origin. Actions, thoughts, emotions emerging and submerging, following their natural path and responding to the environment always freshly and clearly,  accurate actions flourishing from a deep listening. However, as identification to these natural movements takes place, there is appropriation, construction, therefore fear and contraction, those appear to our perception as tensions. These crystallized movements blur vision and consequently the actions coming from this unclear perspective are equally reactive and unclear. We listen: internal movements, hesitation, anticipation, will, imposition, resistance, all reactions, everything is welcome to appear and unfold. Eventually, all these objects, set free,  will find their way back to its origin and all the body becomes the looker, no more subject nor object, all that is left is the vibration. 


The moon is in the sky, not in its reflection on the water  - All that you are not is a reflection of what you are. It’s an unfolding, an expression in time-space of what you are truly. When you look at the reflection of the moon in the water you know that by raising your eyes you will find it.
— L'insondable silence - Jean Klein