TAILORED FOR YOU are individual sessions with the practitioner made especially for you and completely tuned with your physical and mental needs and also with your agenda. You might wish to have sessions tailored for you if:

  • group courses don’t fit your agenda

  • you have a special condition to be taken care of (physical, emotional , mental…)

  • you wish to have more of “all in one” sessions where different kinds of work would be done with the same person instead of running around taking different kinds of courses.

  • you want to work on improving your performance in some specific activity that you practice

  • you want to learn and work at your own pace

  • you like to have disciplines as yoga, pilates and Feldenkrais minutiously adapted for you

  • you wish to get to know your body in the first contact with certain practices before going to group classes. (quite advised if you wish to start practicing yoga or pilates in a group)

During individual sessions the work to be done comes from a attentive listening of your needs. We might work out with yogasanas or pilates, we might work on joint mobility, movement awareness, stretching, balance, breathing and meditations.

I honor every being that crosses my path. To listen deeply is the way and the start of a journey towards your true blissfull nature. If you wish to work together I feel grateful and honored to accompany you closely”
— Ana Bergamaschi