Pilates MAT

A Pilates Mat class consists in a guided (group or private) class with exercises based on the Pilates’ principles that uses only a MAT and your body’s weight. The sequence of exercises progresses from a warm-up, through a dynamic and mindful flow combined with the breath always. 

The method aims to strengthen the whole body in a balanced way, working on spinal harmonic mobility, core strength and stability to support intervertebral space and safe movement. Coordination, breath, proprioception and body awareness are also elements always present is a Pilates class. 

A Pilates MAT class is an effective whole body workout that also requires a high level of concentration to execute the movements safely and with precision so the benefits of this practice can be of great harvest. For this purpose the practice must be accompanied and guided by an experienced and pedagogy-skilled instructor. 

The method is structured in a way that the most challenging movements are added as core and stability are built. If it’s your first time in a Pilates practice, prioritize to take the time to attend a beginners class so the principles can be deeply understood and embodied, so you can move on safely to an ALL LEVELS class or an intermediate level class.

Some accessories can also be used to enhance some aspects of the practice. Some of them are: elastic bands, resistance circle, light weights, stability ball and a foam roll.