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  • Het Oude Badhuis Douchezaal Stuivenbergplein 38 ANTWERPEN BELGIUM (map)

After having explored our defense patterns connected with  the flexors reflexes we will in this workshop go a step further by allowing ourselves to dive into a spiral in our body and flow or surf it. Why do I use the term « surf » the spiral? 

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In our everyday lives there is a common pattern or way to act and move where  the body is submitted to a certain hierarchy where the authority is the mind, the body obeying, executing, object orientated movements and front orientated movements prevail. The orientation of the movements is very often guided by , hands, chest  and eyes while the body as a whole organises itself to serve us best. 

During this hours we will build up to move by listening to our own bodies, as if walking through an unknown pathway or surfing a wave in the ocean. When we surf or walk in natural pathways the body must adapt, the body listens, the body molds itself, it adapts itself to the environment, we might  want to do this or that but all actions must have the listening and following ingredient. This other quality of moving is very rich, it gives us new information, it awakens unknown abilities of movement, it breaks the habit of moving in certain ways but also it brakes the enclosure where we put ourselves into by moving only from the known to the known. By listening, following and playing we give a rest to the controller part of our brains, we allow the body to take the wheel and guide us through new possibilities within ourselves.

To trust the listening, to open directions and possibilities of moving, feeling and acting, to connect us with the surroundings and to unchain creativity are many of the somatic benefits of Moshe Feldenkrais’ method. 



-The class is quite soft so bring warm clothes and even a blanket to be as confortable as you can be! =)

-Arrive on time or even 15 minutes before

- Don’t eat or drink heavily before the class… take it easy so you are available