Hatha Yoga

     Yoga means simply « union » . This word is then used to designate a kind of « intimate fusion of the being with the divine, universal principle » and by extension « the Supreme Union » which is the final outcome. It refers to a personal approach,  a direct approach, to the essence of the Being beyond all belief and any doctrinary formula.

     The Yoga therefore is logically conceived as an embodiment of natural links already preset originally within each individual.

     Its effective achievement, however, involves a complete metamorphosis of the physical and mental construction, the awakening of faculties generally inhibited, relaxation of our sensitivity, our strength and our creative intelligence to the level of new consciousness, infinitely more lucid.

     The term Hatha Yoga or bipolar integration refers to one of the five core disciplines to achieve realization. It is the result of a milenar research of the Rishis, between them theres was Bagavan Patanjali Rishi, who condensed to a minimum of eight processes (Angas) the  necessary paths for the performance of this « integration »:

Four concrete or exoteric processes :

     1. five abstinences yamas: Non-violence, truthfulness, selflessness, detachment and continence;

     2. five imperatives niyamas: hygiene (physical, moral, mental), equanimity, asceticism, study and supreme adoration;

     3. The asanas: culture of neuro-muscular balance and solving physical disabilities through exercising certain postures and attitudes;

     4. pranayama: Control of vital functions by eurhythmy and respiratory control.

Four abstract or esoteric methods:

     1. pratyahara or introvertion of attention

     2. Concentration or Dharana 

     3. dhyana or meditative contemplation

     4. Samdhi identification or natural culmination of the process of integration, yoga, after which the individual is alone in the presence of Infinity or finishes by mixing himself in it, the intimate experience, definitive, incommunicable, of the One Reality.


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