Functional Integration are INDIVIDUAL LESSONS

Individual Lessons are hands-on, one-on-one sessions, which resemble attentive body work. The aim is to guide the student to discover how he or she organizes their own patterns of thought and movement, and become aware and in charge their thinking process and self-image.

The student learns how specific areas of the body, and patterns of mobilization connect with each other.  This learning promotes and enhances collaboration between patterns of movement and patterns of thought, leading to exponential and on-going enhanced wellbeing on multiple levels.

Individual Lessons are suited for acute or special situations, addressing a specific difficulty, promoting general health or working toward competitive excellence. The lessons address all aspects of behavior: physiological, cognitive and neurological, bringing together inherent abilities in thought process, physiology, movement, identity and belief systems.

Individual Lessons are aimed to be short-term interventions, targeted to get a student or client to be self-sufficient, so that they can join Group Classes, in which they teach themselves how to improve. The goal is to provide tools for life and empower each one to become their own best resource and best teacher.

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